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Welcome to Lloyd Writes – Your source for professional business writing. We can provide valuable tools that will launch your business to the next level. For a minimal investment in a qualified writing team like Lloyd Writes, these documents can provide quantifiable results. Don’t just get by in your business – excel and profit!

What We Provide

We begin with a phone call to discuss your specific goals and timetable. We assign the project to one of our specialists and begin work on the plan development right away. We might need one or more follow-up phone calls and multiple e-mails to learn as much as we can about your business.

If, during our development, it seems likely that industry research, market research, financial projections, or other time will exceed the number of hours that we allot for your project (normally 40), we’ll send you a notice as soon as possible that there will be additional charges and an estimate of how much these charges will run. The more information you can provide us for your plan, the less likely it is that there will be any additional charges.

When we finish the first draft, we’ll have a second specialist review and edit it in-house before delivering you an electronic copy. At that time, we’ll also send you your statement for our services. You’ll have up to a week to review the plan, ask questions and request changes. We’ll make the necessary changes and deliver your plan to you in electronic version for your company’s internal use.

Lloyd and the Lloyd Writes staff thank you for stopping by our website. Please check back often as we are always updating our site with new information, news, and more.

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