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Welcome to Lloyd Writes – Your source for professional business writing. We can provide valuable tools that will launch your business to the next level. For a minimal investment in a qualified writing team like Lloyd Writes, these documents can provide quantifiable results. Don’t just get by in your business – excel and profit!

How the Process Works

If you have not read my book, it’s a good place to start. You can get the Game Retailer guide here.

Once you’re ready to start the steps to open your store, contact us.

Business Plan Inquiry

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We’ll review your information and arrange a time to speak. We discuss your specific goals and timetable. Things you should be prepared to discuss: your progress so far, your human assets (that’s you and your partners or management), your goals, and your physical assets (mostly working cash). This initial phone call usually takes between one and two hours.

Once you’re ready to go, we send you a bill for the deposit. After receiving the deposit, we move immediately to develop your plan. We might assign you homework regarding potential location information where you plan to open your store or ask you for additional personal information. In two weeks or less, we provide you with the finished plan.

Once it’s complete, we alert you and give you the opportunity to review the plan for errors or misunderstandings on our part. It will include a complete business plan manuscript outlining your entire operations, marketing and advertising strategies, and other needs. You’ll also receive a series of integrated spreadsheets showing you how much you’ll spend and when, and how much you can expect to see in sales. Once you’re happy with the final product, we’ll send a bill for the balance of the fee.

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