8 Hilarious Uses for Explosive Runes

Explosive runes is one of those spells that players love to use to humorous effect. It doesn’t do enough damage to kill most targets appropriate to the characters’ level once they learn the spell, but it is enough to get the attention of the reader (ask Yosemite Sam if he notices a stick of dynamite to the face).

1. A passport. When that surly guard asks you to hand over your papers, give it to him.
2. A cereal box. Those kids should be eating better.
3. A billboard. Is there a mass explosive runes?
4. The internet. Www.guesswhatspellIpreparedthismorning.com.
5. Business cards. The kind that people remember to give to their friends.
6. Magic 8-ball. Should I ask out that elf with the green and the pointy ears? Magic 8-ball says “Boom!”
7. License plate. YUNOBOOM
8. T-shirt. Ladies, make sure the guys are making eye contact.