Free Utilities

My Column

I’ve been writing monthly columns since early 2007 at at The Business of Gaming Retail. All of this information is available free. I don’t know what happened to end it; one day I sent in my article…and I’ve never heard a word from the site since. I reached out again to the column editor and no reply. If anybody knows what’s up over there, I’d be glad to continue it.

Startup Costs Calculator

Use Opening Expenses to keep track of the expenses you’ll rack up before starting.

Buying Budget Spreadsheet

Use this Buying Budget to keep track of the expenses you’ll rack up before starting.

Training Guide

This is my store’s actual training guide that crew members use to teach new employees.

Break-Even Analysis

Use this sample break-even analysis to find out how much you have to earn to pay the bills.

Local Market Comparison Template

I’ve added a guide to help you compare the stores in your area. For your comparison, replace “Store 1” and “Store 2” et al with actual store names. The first column should be your store; other columns should be stores in your area–ideally in order of increasing distance from your store. I’ve added some suggested notes that you can make regarding each category, but feel free to make notes as extensive as necessary to form a complete picture of your market. For my personal use, I bold-faced the best entry in each category.