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Product Guidance Council

Lloyd Writes has an incredible resource at its disposal. The Product Guidance Council is a gathering of retailers, distributors and other manufacturers who provide feedback for publishers regarding products they wish to bring to market. You describe your product idea, and the Council gives you feedback concerning its packaging, pricing, and other factors important to the rest of the industry. This isn’t a playtest group; it doesn’t address game play issues. It provides feedback on the marketability and sales potential of your game.

The retailers and others who participate in the council benefit by preventing manufacturers from making the same basic mistakes that others have made before. Manufacturers benefit by being able to prevent totally foreseeable problems from cutting the legs out from under their sales potential. It’s a win-win situation.


If you have a product idea that you wish to present to the council, present it through our contact form.

My Column

I’ve been writing The Business of Gaming Retail on since early 2007, writing monthly columns of about 1,000 words each. All of this information is available free.

Startup Costs Calculator

Use Opening Expenses to keep track of the expenses you’ll rack up before starting.


Game Store Cafe Business Model

People suggest this idea to me all the time. If your business plan is similar, review Game Store Cafe Model first.



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